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Expectations and Code of Conduct

Expectations for the conduct of Coaches and Managers

  • Age groups will train as squads with teams then splitting towards the end of each session to work on team-based plays. This is to develop a club identity and to help all players progress.

  • Teams will be chosen with an equal distribution of players of a fair and even level of experience and skill. Teams in ungraded competitions will not be ‘stacked’. 

  • Coaches are reminded it is against RLB by-laws to recruit or use incentives to attract players. 

  • No players shall take the field for training or games without being registered first. This is a simple process and can be done online. Managers, please check to see who is and is not registered. 

  • Under no circumstances can any coach, manager or parent communicate with representatives of other clubs or the BRL regarding game times, changes, or forfeiture. All correspondence must go through the secretary, and this MUST be done Wednesday night or Thursday morning at the latest to avoid fines. 

  • On Training nights, it is the responsibility of the coaches and managers to ensure the goal post pads are up and the lights are on where necessary before training commences. For safety reasons o player should be on the field without post pads being up first. If you need keys please seek out a committee member.  

  • The last team training on each ground is responsible for ensuring post pads and other training aids are put back in the sheds and all lights are off. 

  • Canteen volunteers (home games) must be identified on a Thursday night and managers need to email in their parents’ names. This year all teams must have their volunteers (2) in place in the canteen half an hour before kickoff. No game will kick off without teams’ volunteers. 

  • For game days it is the responsibility of the coach’s, managers, and parents of the first team playing that day to ensure the post pads are in place and the field is set to the correct dimensions for their age group. Diagrams of field dimensions can be found near the canteen.  

  • Please ensure you only use the orange collapsible cones and orange corner markers. Under NO circumstances will agility poles be allowed. 

  • It is then the responsibility for the coach and manager of the following games to ensure the ground is ready if the dimensions need changing for your age group. 

  • Duty official - home games must have one duty official identified and emailed in on a Thursday night. That parent must then pick up their duty official vest before the referee kicks the game off. The responsibility of duty official WILL NOT fall back on to committee members. 

  • The team playing last is responsible for ensuring all equipment is packed down correctly, post pads returned to dugouts, collapsible cones and corner markers returned to office and game day balls returned.  

  • All traveling teams participating in carnivals or cup competitions will wear the current Wests (Brisbane) JRL jersey. Teams may design their own one-off Polos and training shirts however the must be approved by the committee and must carry our club logo.

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