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Wests JRLFC through its affiliation with the Brisbane Rugby League provides basic insurance cover for registered players.


Cover includes:

  1. Ambulance coverage from the playing grounds to hospital

  2. 80% of Non-Medicare medical treatment to a maximum of $2000. $50 Excess applies. Does not cover any GAP payment for Private Insurance

  3. For non-Medicare treatment, you must be referred by a GP and complete an Accident Report form immediately on receiving an injury of ANY kind, in case follow up treatment is required. (These forms are held with your Manager for First Aid person).

  4. An amount for death and part disability cover.

Insurance Claim Procedure:

  1. Obtain a claim form from the Club Secretary.

  2. Fill out the form & take it with you to the Doctor.

  3. Obtain a report from doctor and ensure they fill out and sign the form where required.

  4. Return from to the Secretary.


Insurance cover for Wests JRLFC players

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